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  1. Interview with Emma Rossi-Landi, co-director of LEFT BY THE SHIP

    Posted October 10th, 2011 by in Director Q&A

    SDAFF executive director Lee Ann Kim chats with director Emma Rossi-Landi about her documentary (co-directed with Alberto Vendemmiati) about the untold plight of Filipino Amerasians. Congratulations on the success of your film, LEFT BY THE SHIP, which has been traveling to festivals around the world! Emma, tell us about Alberto and yourself and how you became co-directors […]

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  2. Interview with Hiram Chan, Jeff Mizushima, and Emily Yoshida, directors of SALAD DAYS

    Posted October 7th, 2011 by in Director Q&A

    SDAFF’s Brian Hu makes no secret his love for director Jeff Mizushima’s Etienne! (SDAFF ’09). Mizushima’s latest film SALAD DAYS, co-directed with Emily Yoshida and Hiram Chan, looks at infatuation in the time of Facebook. The following interview was conducted via email because Brian no longer has the facility to speak to people face to […]

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  3. Interview with Quark Henares, director of the musical comedy RAKENROL

    Posted October 3rd, 2011 by in Director Q&A

    SDAFF programmer Eric Lallana interviews director Quark Henares about his musical romantic comedy RAKENROL, which plays this year’s San Diego Asian Film Festival. How did the idea for RAKENROL come about? My dad owned a rock music radio station, so as early as the age of 12 I was hanging out with the greats and […]

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  4. “Films, Sarcasm, and Indian Food.” – by Reel Voices Intern Marygian Rebullar

    Posted September 29th, 2011 by in Essays, Uncategorized

    One of the 10 Reel Voices 2011 interns, Marygian Rebullar, shares her experience of interacting with her Reel Voices mentor, Eric Byler, during her 12-week documentary filmmaking program. Marygian’s film will premiere as a free admission screening at 12pm on Sunday, October 23rd at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. During Reel Voices, all of […]

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  5. Three questions for Jerrold Tarog, director of SENIOR YEAR

    Posted September 27th, 2011 by in Director Q&A

    SDAFF programmer Eric Lallana interviews director Jerrold Tarog about his coming-of-age film SENIOR YEAR, which has its North American premiere at this year’s San Diego Asian Film Festival. Where did the idea of the film come about? I had worked with producer Franco Alido before on a project connected to the Elizabeth Seton School, which […]

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