Geeta Malik / USA / 2011 / 92 min / English / color / digital


We all know the buddy road trip film. Two best friends set off on the open road for an adventure fraught with unlikely and often ridiculous trials and tribulations. But what if the two “buddies” are unemployed exes with anger management issues? What if their ultimate destination is to search out a derelict father who has been missing for over a decade?

Rehka is a struggling writer and the titular “troublemaker,” and Omar is her reluctant yet compassionate ex-boyfriend who accompanies her up the West Coast. As can be expected, things don't go perfectly, but car troubles and wrong directions are minor problems compared to the emotional journey that Rehka and Omar take as they attempt to repair their shattered relationship while Rehka struggles with abandonment issues in time to confront the man who created them.

Director Geeta Malik makes a remarkable feature debut with TROUBLEMAKER, which twists and turns around the concepts of what relationships can and do mean in our lives. As no stranger to comedy, Malik (who made the viral hit Aunty Gs) inserts a healthy dose of humor into a heartfelt story about running away in order to find out what home really means. –Brandon Coyle

Cast and crew scheduled to attend.


  • Director: Geeta Malik
  • Producer: Geeta Malik
  • Cinematographer: Quyen Tran
  • Writer: Geeta Malik
  • Editor: Geeta Malik
  • Cast: Pranidhi Varshney, Peter Pasco, Ajay Mehta


October 23, 2011 2:40 pm
Mission Valley UltraStar Cinemas