Nintama Rantarô

Takashi Miike / Japan / 2011 / 100 min / Japanese with English subtitles / color / digital / West Coast Premiere


Acclaimed director Takashi Miike is back again and there are exclamation points to prove it! Leaving behind the blood-spattered samurai in 13 Assassins, Miike returns with the family-friendly NINJA KIDS!!!, a live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime series Nintama Rantarō.

Young Rantaro was born into a family of unsuccessful ninjas. To make his family proud, he joins the Ninja Academy’s first-year class where he meets a crazy cast of characters, including Kirimaru, a young boy who babysits during class to support his family, and Okawa, the dean of the academy whose old age seems to be catching up to him. When rival ninjas try to kill a classmate of Rantaro, the ninja kids engage in an exciting battle that includes a race to the top of a mountain where Rantaro can finally prove his worth as a ninja.

As if ripped out of the anime series itself, this is the kind of film where characters get baseball-sized lumps on their head when hit, and where Mr. Konnamon, your friendly ninja trivia commentator, breaks the fourth wall to educate the audience. As with The Great Yokai War and the Yatterman films, Miike has put together a world that is fun, silly, and crazy enough to entertain fans and aspiring ninjas of all ages. – James Paguyo

Co-presented by: Anime Conji, Buddhist Temple of San Diego, Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana, Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego, Nikkei Student Union of UCSD, YuYu


  • Director: Takashi Miike
  • Writer: Yoshio Urasawa
  • Cast: Seishiro Kato, Roi Hayashi, Mikijiro Hira


October 22, 2011 12:00 pm
Mission Valley UltraStar Cinemas

October 23, 2011 2:00 pm
Mission Valley UltraStar Cinemas