Reel Voices LA Film Fest Field Trip – by Katie & Sunny

Reel Voices 2012 students, Katie and Sunny, share their experience of the LA Film Fest field trip!

Hello Blog World!

Going to the LA Film Fest was such an amazing and inspirational experience. Going and being able to meet some of the filmmakers and listen to the process they went through to get where they are today was so nice to hear. Seeing all of the high school short films and getting to meet some of the students, really set in the reality of the matter that I would be making my own film very soon. Getting the opportunity to see all the different film techniques and film mediums being used, really made me think hard about what I might want to do for my film. What story do I want to tell?

Getting to meet Mina Son was really a great experience. Although I did not ask her as many questions as I wish I had, just hearing her story as to how she didn’t initially go to school with the intention of majoring in film, was really relatable. Because I’m at the stage in my life where I don’t know what I want to focus on in school, but I know that I have an interest in the arts. I also found meeting Sophia Chang really relatable as well. She told me that she was able to minor in film which was really nice to hear as well because I may not want film to be my major, however, to have the option to have it as a minor is really great. It was so nice of Hebe to have given us such a fantastic opportunity to come to the film fest by providing us with the tickets.
It was such a nice time getting to meet everyone of my peers and teachers that will be sharing this film journey with me. I can’t wait for what the following weeks hold!

~ Katie


I definitely enjoyed the LA film fest! Everyone arrived the morning of a Saturday feeling, at The San Diego Asian Film Foundation,  tired and nervous but excited. On first we were pretty awkward when we met, but by the end of the trip, our team bonded. We felt so much more relieved and more comfortable being with each other.

When we arrived at LA, one of the first and memorable things we saw was our parking number: H2O. Everyone was like, “we better not forget this, water.” We entered at the entrance of the West Lobby. The area where the LA Film Fest took place was grand. Massive Theaters surrounded the whole community. When it came time, our group went to view the First High School Film Showing. Seeing films and documentaries directed by previous students from our Reel Voices group, got us pretty hyped up. Many of the films were quite entertaining and the creativeness, that was present in the films, blew us away! We took a lunch break after and met a couple of Reel Voices mentors and boy, was that a great experience!

After our team attended the Second High School Film Showing. Just as before, the visuals we fantastic! Towards the end, we saw a movie called “All is Well,” directed by a director who dedicated the film to her sister.

After, it was time to head home, we ate some nice Carne asada. Haha, one of the members in oir group even got free soda, but I mean, she is a cutie! We decided to head home. During the ride home, our group played multiple car games. We were pretty competitive until it started to get a bit humorous. The game tired most of us out. When it got a bit quieter, we  talked about similarities. Everyone was involved in a conversation, either with the person sitting next to them or someone up front or back. We arrived back at the San Diego Asian Film Foundation. Although all of us were exhausted, we had a wonderful time and a great experience!

~ Sunny