Reel Voices

USA / 2011 / 90 min / digital


Since 2005, the San Diego Asian Film Foundation has empowered local high school students to learn the art of documentary filmmaking through the Reel Voices Program. This intense, 12-week summer internship helps students become socially-conscious storytellers, learn Final Cut Pro editing, and experience all stages of production and post-production.

This year, Reel Voices presents the work of ten students whose works touch on issues ranging from identity, family, to just having fun.

Free post-screening reception sponsored by Chipotle and Popeye's.

What I Want

Director: Michelle Mixay
9 min.
Synopsis: A young woman struggles with family pressures of growing up when she chooses to attend the San Diego Comic-Con.

Preparation of a Generation

Director: Alexander Powell
5 min.
Synopsis: Through the eyes of a high school student and an educator, the issues surrounding the competition into colleges is examined, asking the question "What does it take to succeed in the race for higher education?"

Sitz to Stage

Director: Marygian Rebullar
7 min.
Synopsis: The SCPA Music Department collaborates and grows stronger together with a local theatre group, from the first group rehearsal to the final piece on stage on a musically and technically difficult 3 hour long show titled Ragtime.

Connecting the Dots

Director: Marissa Dodds
7 min.
Synopsis: A biracial teenager reflects on her experiences growing up with two cultures.

Full Out

Director: Camille Wilson
6 min.
Synopsis: Maddy Miller, a 17-year-old boy, struggles to move to LA in order to pursue a professional dance career.

I Am an Asiacan

Director: Jesus Olvera
9 min.
Synopsis: A culturally assimilated teen overcomes his insecurities and struggles through dance. In the process, he shows that two different cultures can bond together into one.


Director: Asha Zephira Maren
6 min.
Synopsis: A young San Diego musician discloses his struggles and hardships about his night job.

Love Life, Live Your Dream

Director: Tony Anglin Jr.
5 min.
Synopsis: An aspiring artist pursues his dream, while trying to inspire others to do the same.


Director: Jose Romero
5 min.
Synopsis: A young adolescent expresses her struggles from constantly moving due to her father's military deployment.

Unplugged: A 14 Day Challenge

Director: Kaylor Myers
10 min.
Synopsis: "Unplugged" documents an entertaining two weeks in the lives of two young friends as they brave a challenge to refrain from using electronics for a full 14 days. Amidst youthful America’s fast paced, technology-reliant society, the eager boys comically discover the gravity of their agreement.


October 23, 2011 12:00 pm
Mission Valley UltraStar Cinemas