S. Casper Wong / USA / 2011 / 88 min / English / color / digital


It’s hard to think of a fiction film without death or love. Yet when it comes to documentary, these are perhaps the uncanniest, most tenuous topics of all, ones that defy the genre of realism precisely because we have such a hard time believing that they are real to begin with.

A piercing work of personal documentary, THE LULU SESSIONS has no illusions about such topics, yet brings us to the brink of grasping both. Holding the camera is then-film student S. Casper Wong. On the other side is Casper’s best friend, Louise “LuLu” Nutter, professor, chainsmoker, alcoholic, free-swearing life of every party. LuLu is also a world-renowned cancer researcher. And she’s just been diagnosed with cancer.

In the final 15 months of LuLu’s life, she and Casper stare down death, each other, their families, and indeed love, with Casper’s playful camera in tow. We’re never quite sure whether to laugh or cry – there’s something diabolically perverse about the whole scenario – in part because the film is so full of curiosity and unrest when it comes to the porous boundaries between friendship and love, life and death. The only thing for certain is the unfailing dignity of the most undignified and untamed of spirits, and the priceless gift of just being there for each other: a companion for the dying, a regressing body that becomes a testament to immortality. –Brian Hu

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Filmmaker S. Casper Wong is scheduled to attend.

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  • Director: S. Casper Wong
  • Writer: S. Casper Wong, Laura Minnear
  • Editor: Laura Minnear


October 27, 2011 7:40 pm
Mission Valley UltraStar Cinemas