Meet Our Newest International Intern!

Hi! My name is Lu (Alice) Huang. I was chosen to be an exchange student by Shenyang Pharmaceutical University on June 2012, and got the precious opportunity to study at Alliant International University for one year, majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications. This milestone, which brings me closer to my American Dream come true ahead of two years, means I get to start a wonderful life that I have never felt before.

It’s really a big challenge but more of a rapid mature process when facing a new life alone in unfamiliar surroundings without parents caring for seven months. I harvested the experience, ability and courage to deal with unexpected problems independently, from knowing nothing about how to wash rice, to be able to cook a sumptuous dinner, from depending on the bus for transport, to getting the driver license within one month, from feeling strange about a second language in my ear, to being able to talk with foreign friends fluently. I’m very proud of seeing my every little progress. That’s the real life meaning for me. The experience that I learned playing piano for ten years from six years old gives me these characteristics: confidence, persistence, focus, and creativity. For me, what kind of thing can give me the most happiness?That is, to have a dream, chase after it, and see my progress and achievements in the process of chasing that dream. Nothing else can replace it.

I’m a person who believes in love. As long as he or she has love in mind, to lover, to work or to family, anybody who owns at least one deep love will definitely change him/her self from inside out. I love marketing deeply, my major. My biggest dream is that, one day I can become a very successful marketer working on Wall Street after owing much valuable work experience in the marketing industry for five years and achieving a master degree graduated from one of the Top 20 universities in the United States.

Now, here, at the San Diego Asian Film Foundation, is where my dream starts!